Teaching Materials:

The development of contextual games requires competencies from different areas. The knowledge from the area of computer science is not enough. In reality, the game should be produced by an interdisciplinary team. Here we provide a set of courses that cover the required topics. We suggest that the development team divide these materials between the members and cover all required skills and knowledge. The materials are divided into separate groups build around essential areas of knowledge. In our opinion, each member of the development team should get acquainted with material from two thematic groups.


Gamification - introduction

In the Magic Circle

Technological materials:

Games Development in JavaScript

Mobile game-soft development

Webservices and cloud communication

Requirements engineering

Service and content design:

Applying the Game to the Real World

Scenario Thinking

Project management and Business assessment:

Business Plan

Teamwork Management

Team work, Presentation and soft skills:

An Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Challenge [slides]

Soft Skills video presentation

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