GENIUS - "Innovative Interdisciplinary Contextual Education Using Games Development"

GENIUS is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project that kickstarted in November 2017 in Łódź and will run for 32 months.

Classical didactic approach used on Academia is not suited for interdisciplinary and intercultural education. In the result students prefers to stick with people that have the same origin. This problem is a main focus for our project. How to add some complementary competencies that allows students to go out of their safe environment and discover a whole world around. The main goal of GENIUS project is to create and test a methodology that allows to obtain the following educational objectives:

  • cooperation in achieving targets in diversified group,
  • communication skills needed to achieve better final results,
  • achieving the objectives gradually by moving through different grading the problem,
  • decisions making process at the operational, tactical and strategic levels,
  • increase level of entrepreneurship that allows to create new prototypes or solutions,
  • obtain a transparent system of evaluation and control of the educational process,
  • presentation of achievements, proceedings or results.

The methodology is built around the idea of gamification of processes. The gamification allows to create a new approach to all “boring things” that happens every day. Moreover, a gamified process usually makes it more acceptable by participants. Our gamified process incorporates so called Contextual Games. Most of games are placed in some virtual world and do not have anything in common with the real ones. On the contrary the contextual games (CG) are strongly connected with the real world. Some of the actions of the player in this type of game need an interaction with the real environment. CGs use the mechanisms of the games that are mobilizing for action and increase engagement into operations and tasks. They are to modify the behaviour of people in situations of non-games in order to increase their skills or involvement. It is addressed to all the people who wanted to know the mechanisms of gamification and their application at private and professional environment.

The creation (development) of CG’s improve the skills of creating a system based on gamification in business, education and everyday behaviour. This allows to learn how games shape lives and culture and to build commitment of consumers/employers in the modern society.

In short we propose to arrange the group of people from different study programs (IT, tourism, business, didactics,..). Equip them with basic knowledge about gamification, game development and business assessment and ask them to create a prototype on the new contextual game around selected theme.

Project duration

1/11/2017 - 30/06/2020

Project Consortium
Project Coordinator

University of Lodz (Poland)


Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen (Belgium)

Centria (Kokkola, Finland)

Dundalk Institute of Technology (Ireland)

ISPGAYA (Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal)


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